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No need for accreditation to use iREAP Summary Report.


If you are a coach or a manager and have had extensive experience using psychometric tools to coach and develop people and if you only want to use the iREAP® on an ad-hoc basis to coach candidates then you do not need to be accredited to use the iREAP® Summary Report.  

We appreciate that you are probably very busy with limited funds to invest in expensive and timely accreditation courses for new tools.  Forget that! You can start a professional trial and see how you like it.  


I want to start my professional trial now.



Consultant accreditation is now ready


Accreditation in the rest of the iREAP reports is provided through a coach-the-coach development model or delivered through an in-house workshop model.  Accreditation covers training in how to interpret various reports, use of the user-mnaagement software program and professional practice in using iREAP. 


Enterprise accreditaton is also available

Organisations wishing their own internal consultants to use the iREAP as an in-house career development, leadership development or engagement tool will need to be accredited.  Accreditation training is delivered as an in-house workshop.

An up-front fee to cover company configuration of the user-management system is also payable.  Pricing options include either a price per unit fee or an annual license arrangement.

Please call us to discuss this option in more detail.


The benefits of accreditation:


  • additional training and consulting advice on the professional uses of the tool
  • access to a user-management system which gives you more control over the timing and content of messages sent to your clients
  • ability to customise and brand your communications
  • capacity to send reminder messages, print reports on demand and extract data for analysis and report generation
  • access to the full range of reports including the full report, manager coaching reports and group based reports
  • discounted cost of reports for bulk purchases 
  • potential for work referrals


Accreditation includes the full range of iREAP™ engagement reports.


When you become accredited in the iREAP you are becoming accredited to coach and facilitate in all of the following reports:


  1. iREAP Summary Report
  2. iREAP Full Report
  3. iREAP Manager Coaching Reports
  4. iREAP Group Reports


if you would like to look at samples of these reports then click here.


What other coaches are considering in their decision to become accredited


I found the iREAP™ summary clear and useful in my quest to get more clarity of where I wish to take my work life.


The report confirmed how I was feeling at the time and I liked the ‘development recommendations’ for Red Alert.  I has already taken some actions and had an unwritten plan in place before I did the iREAP™ but it was good to do it on paper. As I was doing a University subject at the time ‘PD and Training in careers development’ it was a good starting point to reflect on what I want to achieve in the future and what I want my work life and environment to be in the future.


While I was doing the questionnaire and reading the report I had in mind how this would work and or apply to clients. I like that it is kept simple and clear. I really like this tool and I would like to be trained to use it with clients.       

- Tanya Pavey-Lloyd, Independent Career Coach


How was iREAP™ designed and developed?


iREAP™ was developed by Pamela Frost, Director and Founder of Because Pty Ltd. Read more about the development of iREAP here


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