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iREAP™ - Buy It


Purchase the following iREAP™ reports with your credit card or through Paypal by selecting your option below:


  1. iREAP™ Summary Report, (short report)
  2. iREAP™ Full Report (comprehensive report)
  3. iREAP™ Trial Pack (for those considering becoming accredited)


All prices include GST (10%). 


If you prefer to be invoiced direct and pay through bank transfer then please contact us.


NOTE: the iREAP™ Summary Report is a condensed and summarised form of the iREAP™ Full Report.  (So please purchase one or the other, not both.)


DISCOUNTS:  These prices are special internet introductory offers and should be purchased for self-use only.  Please note if you purchase your iREAP™ Full Report and the EDW up-front as a full package, then packaged discounts will apply. 


iREAP™ Accreditation


Once you are accredited in the iREAP™ then substantial discounts apply in the per unit price of all products as well as discounts for volume purchases.  If you would like a product price list for accredited practitioners of the iREAP then please contact us.


All prices are include GST (10%).