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iREAP™ Coaching Success Stories


iREAP™ accredited coaches, consultants and mentors talk about the success they’ve had using the profile with their clients.


Organisational engagement, retention and increased performance outcomes.


I have found iREAP™to be a very powerful and effective tool in providing clarity, development focus and opportunity/risk awareness to my clients. It’s applications for both individuals, in directing career development and supporting career decision making, and organisations in informing targeted HR engagement, development and retention initiatives, has made it a very valuable resource for my practice.


iREAP™is very well resourced and supported, is simple to administer and provides and excellent framework to support the coaching process. Above all, for me, the tool clearly connects the importance of individual career development to engagement and highlights its importance as a strategic initiative to drive individual and organisational engagement, retention and performance outcomes.

- Lizzie Moyle, Director, Peak Engagement Pty Ltd


Organisational employee engagement is most effectively managed at the individual level.


As an organisation development consultant I often have conversations with clients about issues uncovered from organisational engagement surveys.


Most conversations recognise that engagement surveys are fairly blunt instruments that deliver broad data. Consequently individual managers struggle to know what to do with the data to create changes in engagement and performance.


There is a growing understanding that managers most effectively manage engagement at the individual level. Broader organisational issues also need to be addressed, but managers, working with their team members, can have the most positive impact in the shortest time. This is where I have found the iREAP™ to be a very powerful tool for the individual and their manager.


In working with my clients I have found that the iREAP™ provides a level of personally relevant detail about motivation, satisfaction and engagement that is impossible to extract from traditional organisational surveys. More than that, the iREAP™ encourages (and even helps to structure) a conversation between an individual and their manager. The development information the iREAP™ provides and the way in which it is provided is practical, straightforward and actionable.


The big thing I’ve noticed in clients who have used the iREAP™ is that individuals begin to take more responsibility for working in ways that motivate and engage them. The iREAP™ is an empowering tool for both individuals and managers.

- Neil Middleton, Organisational Development Consultant, Elementa Pty Ltd


Alignment and engagement have previously been buzz-words.


It is with much confidence and pleasure that I can recommend the iREAP. I have chosen to include iREAP as a preferred tool in my business because it has the unique advantage of assessing the alignment of the individual client’s personal work-related needs with those required in their current job role as well as their level of engagement in their current workplace.


Alignment and engagement have previously just been “buzz-words” but iREAP proves that they can be measured and whatever can be measured, can then be analysed. In turn iREAP, together with skilled debriefing and counselling, can then be used to set new goals for attaining that optimal, but often elusive, win-win for both the individual and their workplace.

- Louise Millar-Hoffmann, Director, Career Stepping Stones Pty Ltd, Fellow, Career Development Association of Australia (FCDAA)


iREAP gets to the heart of what motivates individuals.


I chose the iREAP™ because, as an experienced career strategist and executive coach, it is the only tool I know of that gets to the heart of what motivates individuals at work and pinpoints what satisfies and dissatisfies them, giving them a clear picture of their level of their engagement in their work and alignment in their current role.


I have found the iREAP™ to be incredibly accurate, and when my clients see their result it confirms for them what they have often been feeling, but have previously been unable to fully articulate.


Having their result gives them a starting point to enable them to know where they are and to reflect on where they would like to be.


The iREAP™ is invaluable as a springboard for career conversations, and having experienced the tool myself, I decided to become accredited. I love the fact that it is Australian and is based on solid motivational theory and the latest international research on engagement. I am pleased that I made the investment, as it has added a unique and solid addition to my toolbox and increased the value I can offer my clients.

- Suzanne Walshe, Principal Consultant, Fulcrum Consulting


Putting people first gets great results.


After a twelve-year consulting career in Southern Africa, I decided to refresh my own career in a different country. Twelve years of working in educational and human resource development in a context that was characterised by massive change left me with many valuable life lessons. One of the most important lessons was, simply, put people first.


When people are engaged and flourishing in what they choose to do, the benefits extend far beyond the individual life experience. I have been privileged to witness, for example, how entire communities can grow and derive value as a result of a cluster of schoolteachers being engaged in their work. Their engagement has the power to change lives and to contribute to the wellbeing of societies and the economy.


When I had the very good fortune to be introduced to Pamela Frost and to the iREAP™ tool, I saw an opportunity to be able to use the iREAP™ to continue to contribute meaningfully to organisational and societal development by putting people first. My own experience of iREAP™, my personal report, and the Engagement Development Worksheets have been a key factor in my own development and career planning.


As a new path unfolds for me, I intend to use the iREAP™ to design interventions that assist people and organisations to plan meaningfully for engagement and career development in order to make vision and goals tangible and achievable across the spectrum of the individual and the collective. My area of interest and experience is in the education sector, but I would be excited to apply the tool in any context where it has the potential to add value to development. I see the iREAP™ instrument and associated coaching process as having a range of applications – including diagnostic, needs assessment, and developmental.


I am currently building my new consulting practice by working with a group of individuals who have completed the iREAP™ to learn more about their current levels of engagement and work towards answering the ‘what now?’ and ‘what next?’ questions. Their feedback has already been very positive – they want to take their career planning a step further, and iREAP™ has played a key part in this awakening.


I plan to use iREAP™ further to design pilot projects around group interventions to promote engagement and goal setting around growth and development. My aim with this is to increase organisational awareness around engagement, and to create a business case (in New Zealand specifically, as well as in other contexts) for the critical importance of engagement and the return-on-investment (ROI) that can be derived from putting people first, in the right place, at the appropriate time, with the requisite support.

- Alison Zimmermann, Independent Career Coach, New Zealand


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