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iREAP™ Coaching Testimonials


iREAP™ accredited coaches, consultants and mentors tell us what they think about the profile and how it has helped their clients.


“A very powerful and elegant tool which has worked to challenge my clients to take responsibility for their career enrichment. Format and content is impressive – well done!”

- S. Harvey, Career Coach.


“Developmental focus, strategies and opportunities for personal reflections for integrated learning is extremely useful when career coaching.”

- P. Canny, Consultant, Practice Leader, El Camino Training and Coaching.


“A very accurate and clear view of my overall work engagement delivered through well-balanced judgement of my responses. I’d be very happy to recommend the tool.”

- R. Sale, Director, Executive Development Assessment Centre.


“Above all, for me, the tool clearly connects the importance of individual career development to engagement and highlights its importance as a strategic initiative to drive individual and organisational engagement, retention and performance outcomes.”

- L. Moyle, Director, Peak Engagement Pty Ltd.


“The big thing I’ve noticed in clients who have used the iREAP™ is that individuals begin to take more responsibility for working in ways that motivate and engage them. The iREAP™ is an empowering tool for both individuals and managers.”

- N. Middleton, Organisational Development Consultant, Elementa Pty Ltd.


“Alignment and Engagement have previously just been “buzz-words” but iREAP™ proves that they can be measured and whatever can be measured, can then be analysed. In turn iREAP™, together with skilled debriefing and counselling, can then be used to set new goals for attaining that optimal, but often elusive, win-win for both the individual and their workplace.”

- L. Millar-Hoffmann, Director, Career Stepping Stones Pty Ltd, Fellow, Career Development Association of Australia (FCDAA)


“The iREAP™ is invaluable as a springboard for career conversations, and having experienced the tool myself, I decided to become accredited. I love the fact that it is Australian and is based on solid motivational theory and the latest international research on engagement.”

- S. Walshe, Principal Consultant, Fulcrum Consulting


“I am currently building my new consulting practice by working with a group of individuals who have completed the iREAP™ to learn more about their current levels of engagement and work towards answering the ‘what now?’ and ‘what next?’ questions. Their feedback has already been very positive – they want to take their career planning a step further, and iREAP™ has played a key part in this awakening.”

- A. Zimmermann, Independent Career Coach, New Zealand


“While I was doing the questionnaire and reading the report I had in mind how this would work and or apply to clients. I like that it is kept simple and clear. I really like this tool and I would like to be trained to use it with clients.”

- Tanya Pavey-Lloyd, Independent Career Coach.


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