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Coaching using the iREAP™


The iREAP™ is an individually centric tool and takes a different, but complementary, approach to engagement surveys.  It puts the responsibility for behavioural change right into the hands of the individual, while being supported by you and the manager. 


The purpose is to facilitate meaningful conversations between an individual and manager / coach.  Such conversations might be around aligning aspirations to the future business or changes that can be made to enrich work.


With the individual’s consent, manager feedback reports can also be generated to allow for tri-partite (three-way) coaching sessions and for the manager to take an active role in increasing engagement, supported by you coaching the manager.  These reports provide additional information to you on what factors are enabling or limiting engagement for the individual as well as recommended coaching focus areas.


Organisational engagement issues are also identified by aggregating results at the group level in a team report and isolating areas that require a more systemic policy or strategic response.  In this latter way the iREAP is similar, but more detailed than the usual information reported with the usual form of employee engagement survey.


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