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Want to get started straight away using iREAP?


If you are a coach or a manager and have had extensive experience using psychometric tools to coach and develop people then you do not need to be accredited to use the iREAP® Summary Report. We have developed a simplified, cost-effective and fast-track certification process instead.


We appreciate that you are probably very busy with limited funds to invest in expensive and timely accreditation courses for new tools.  Forget that! We recognise prior experience and coaching capability. You can trial using the summary report and see how you and your clients benefit from it. 


To get started with your professional trial of iREAP® there are two steps:


  1. Try it yourself first
  2. Start your professional trial 


Step One: Try iREAP yourself

If you are a coach or a manager considering using the iREAP® to boost the engagement, career enrichment or resilience of people then the first step is to try it yourself. Complete the iREAP Summary Report yourself and have your report debriefed by an accredited consultant. This will enable you to have a personal experience of completing the iREAP® so that you can understand the structure and content of the summary report and role model the coaching process.


Step Two: Start your professional trial 


The next step is to start using the iREAP® with your clients. To prepare yourself for that we ask you to purchase the professional trial pack which includes:


  1. Application to recognise your prior learning / experience
  2. Complete self-paced training modules
  3. Promote iREAP with your clients
  4. Three iREAP® summary profiles for you to use with your clients
  5. Coaching conversation 
  6. Sign consultant license agreement
  7. Purchase summary reports through a bureau service


The professional trial pack costs $1200 plus GST. You can purchase via invoice, credit card or PayPal. If you choose to complete your transaction below through Paypal or credit card, please remember to include your email address and best contact number so that we can get in touch with you promptly.


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Have your experience formally recognised through RPL

If you want to start using the iREAP® Summary Report with your clients then the next step is to have your experience as a coach using other psychometric tools formally recognised. To organise this you should apply to have your experience recognised through RPL.  

Complete your self-paced on-line training modules

We have prepared some self-paced training modules and a resource pack to support you to get the best out of the iREAP® tool and make sure you understand the models and research behind the tool. We also have included some metrics and arguments for you to incorporate into proposals or business cases to win work in the engagement space.  


These modules should not take you any more than 1-2 hours to complete.  You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about the tools.


Promote iREAP with your clients

Included in your professional trial is a resource pack which includes the marketing material to help you successfully promote the iREAP® tool to your clients or internal stakeholders. Specifically there are brochures, logo's, images and powerpoint presentations which will enable you to successfully promote:


  • the business case
  • how iREAP® will benefit individuals, manager's and the organisation
  • the applications for iREAP within a business


Trial iREAP® Summary Reports with your clients

An important part of the certification in the iREAP Summary report is an expectation for you to apply your capability just-in-time and gain some valuable practice. Included in your resource pack is a step-by-step coaching guide to debrief the iREAP summary report and complete an action plan with your clients.


So now that you have completed your on-line training courses and have reviewed your resource materials and coaching guide you should be ready to trial your iREAP Summary reports with three different colleagues / clients.  

Also included in your resource pack is a template that enables you to deliver a training session/ group debrief to multiple candidates having completed the iREAP tool.  


Coaching conversation


When you are finished the trial stage we invite you to contact us to have a coaching conversation about your experience, any insights, learning's, provide feedback and to address any questions you may have. This conversation is important to ensure you feel confident and capable in successfully administering the iREAP Summary Reports with your client(s).


Sign license agreement

We ask that you will use the tool in accordance with professional codes of conduct and ethics for coaching practice. In particular we ask you to commit to using the iREAP® purely for developmental purposes.  We ask that you agree to the ethics that the iREAP® is not to be used in any circumstance as an input into decisions relating to promotion, redundancy or termination. 

If you want to get started all you need to do is to sign a consultant license agreement, send it back to us and then you are ready to get started.


Bureau Service

We offer an ongoing bureau service for administration of the iREAP® tools. You simply provide us with your client details and reporting requirements and we can send out generic invitations on your behalf. 



If you want more training, control, discounts and greater flexibility...


If you feel you would benefit from more training in the structure and content of all of the reports and want some additional coaching and pointers on how to best use the tool for your coaching then you might consider investing in accreditation.  We will have a follow-up conversation with us to more understand your needs and guide you to make an informed decision about the level of ongoing support you will require in using these tools most effectively  in your professional practice.


The benefits of accreditation include:


  1. Professional training in the most effective use of these tools. 
  2. Access to the full suite of reports
  3. Customisable user-management software program
  4. Price discounts


 Professional training

We can provide additional training in the professional use of the iREAP range of tools and reports as well as the user-management system. This is conducted either through a coach-the-coach or workshop format. 


Full suite of reports

The iREAP® Summary report is the core report within the product suite. The iREAP® Full Report and the Manager Coaching Report provides additional value to your clients.  These reports are generated based on the initial set of respondent data. Reports can be aggreated for teams and talent risks can be identified for a cohort of people.  Other reports you gain access to when you are accredited are shown here.


Customisable user-management software system


If you still want to use the iREAP tool on an ad-hoc basis then you can continue to pruchase tools through our bureau service. If however you think you are going to be using the iREAP tool on a regular basis and want greater control over the tool and to be able to customise your own messages and incorporate your own logo into communications then you might want to purchase a customisable user-management system.


Should you think you will use the iREAP® on an ad-hoc or occasional basis you can continue to purchase the summary report from us through a bureau service. Essentially you will pay for reports on an as you need basis and we will send out invitations to your clients within 48 hours. 

Price discounts 

Becoming accredited offers you the additonal benefits of being able to obtain discounts for bulk purchases as well as cost advantages for doing your own administration of the iREAP tool with your own user-management system.  If you elect to use the iREAP tools through our bureau service then you are not eligible for discounted prices.