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iREAP™ Accredited Coaches


Need help with your iREAP™ profile? Do you want the support from a professional who can help you to?


  • Explore the implications of your iREAP profile
  • Identify all of the career options available to you
  • Make a decision as to which option is going to best fulfil your passions and career aspirations as well as build on your strengths
  • Prepare and commit to an action plan?


Contact any of the following accredited iREAP™ coaches below to deepen your understanding of the iREAP™ and how it can help you to fulfil your career potential. These coaches have been certified as providing high quality coaching services to individuals in the use of the iREAP™ tool.


Louise-Millar Hoffmann


Louise Millar-HoffmannLouise has a 20 year career that initially began in the engineering sector but evolved and spread into new directions involving a people focus.  She has a particular interest in assisting people in their personal, employment and career related development.


Louise completed post graduate studies in career development in 2002 and together with many work and life experiences is committed to helping others to achieve satisfying career and training development outcomes.


She finds the iREAP profile most useful to support individuals in these situations:


  • Clarifying career options
  • Helping people who might feel stuck in their career/work options


Qualifications include:


  • Graduate Diploma of Careers Education & Development (RMIT, 2002)
  • Certificate IV Assessment & Workplace Training (TFIA Business Services, 2003
  • Graduate Certificate of Water Engineering (Victoria University, 1993)
  • Degree of Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) (GIAE, 1988)


Professional memberships include:


  • Fellow, Career Development Association of Australia


To contact Louise for coaching support then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Alison Zimmermann


Alison ZimmermannAlison has a 16-year career that initially began in secondary teaching but evolved into consulting in education, human resource development, writing and publishing learning materials across a spectrum of contexts in Southern Africa and more recently in Australasia. She has an unwavering belief in the potential that lies within people to harness their power and realise their purpose, through synergy with other people.


Twelve years of involvement in designing and facilitating programmes to bring about educational change in the most impoverished of environments, through drastic political and social change, taught her that individual discovery, engagement and growth is the key to organisational and social health, evolution and prosperity. Her own experience of leaving formal employment very early in her career and entering the realm of self employment and consulting has helped her to empathise with people who desire change in their lives but need some support in manifesting it.


Alison has specific interest in helping individuals to understand what drives them and to help them design creative and focused strategies to manage their life and career choices and build resilience through coaching, to achieve fulfilment and purpose.

The health of the education sector and its implications for the wellbeing of society is another area of passion – she has an interest in coaching and providing support to educators and educational institutions.


She finds the iREAP most useful to support individuals in:


  • building self awareness and taking control of their own experiences
  • diagnosing the possible causes of dissonance, feelings of restlessness or stagnation in their careers
  • making connections between work experience and other life experiences in understanding what drives their choices in specific circumstances
  • exploring and clarifying career options
  • designing strategies to ‘reinvent’ themselves
  • re-focussing on their own development and lifelong learning
  • creating a platform for honest conversations with line managers
  • designing team interventions for growth and synergy.


Qualifications and certifications include:


  • Book Editing, Proofreading & Publishing certificate (New Zealand Institute of Business Studies, 2011)
  • Accredited Assessor (Designing and Implementing Outcomes-Based Assessment) (Assessment College of South Africa, 2005)
  • Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Education, Training and Development (University of Johannesburg, 2002)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Education (professional degree, University of the Witwatersrand, 1995)


To contact Alison for coaching support then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



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