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Are you fulfilling your career potential?


What is most important to you? 


If you are experiencing any of these situations:


  • feeling that you have lost your spark and motivation
  • not happy at work
  • lacking energy and commitment
  • procrastinating about making a career decision


then the iREAP™ will be a good tool for you to regain the clarity and energy you need to kick-start your career again.


What will I find out about myself?


iREAP™ may validate the career choices you have already made and keep you on track of an already-motivating career. Or the profile might illustrate the need for some challenging career choices. You might for example make changes to your work-life balance, leave a corporate life to start your own business or redesign your role.


Everyone is different.  Make choices that are right for you.


Whatever the outcome it will be a positive one – our intention is to help you enrich your career, inspire greater performance and lead you to a more productive, energetic and enjoyable work life.


How does it work?


After filling out a short 30 minute questionnaire, the iREAP™ provides you with the Role Engagement Alignment Profile Report. This report helps you to explore your level of engagement in your work, your career and your life overall:


  • What motivates you as an individual?
  • What is fulfilling - or dissatisfying - to you?
  • How well is your current work role aligned to your unique motivations?
  • What is your current level of engagement and how it might be sustained or improved by focusing on your own development?
  • What career moves you should make, and at what time to strive towards peak engagement?



iREAP™ helps you to decide whether you wish to ‘Stay and Grow’, ‘Move’ or ‘Go’:


  • Stay and Grow: focus on specific changes you can make in your current role to increase, or sustain your engagement, and to grow personally and professionally.
  • Move: explore other opportunities internally, perhaps through a secondment or job redesign.
  • Go: helps you to shift your perspective, or understand when it might be the right time to go elsewhere or to get some extra support from a mentor or a coach.


Want to find out more about how iREAP™ can help you explore your potential? Download the iREAP™ brochure (PDF) or call us on 1300 865 790 or +61 408 608 889 or enquire by email