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iREAP™ Individual Success Stories


Users of the iREAP™ profile talk about how it has helped to them unlock their career potential and reap the rewards of peak engagement. Personal details for these users has not been provided to protect their privacy and ensure confidentiality.


“I decided to undertake the iREAP™ as a means to providing an objective measure for my business/work life satisfaction levels with a view to utilizing the findings to assist with decision making for the future.


The results of the iREAP™ questionnaire and my profile as “Taxiing” provided insight that changes were required in my job and projects undertaken to ensure my needs were being meet.  It reinforced the importance of my work, the need to contribute to growth projects and how by providing expertise and knowledge to the right clients was vitally important. With this in mind I contemplated the methodology of how best to attract the right client mix; the resources required and commenced plans to exit projects that were not in sync with this direction.


I exited a major project to make way for new clients with a focus on the food industry.”

- Bernadette, Self-Employed Consultant.


“I was initially confronted by the iREAP™ profile of Transit Lounge but also amazed because I had been considering my career options for some time. Although I am part of the executive team, the area of strategy that I was passionate about and wanted to pursue did not seem to be aligned with the direction that the company wanted to take.


The iREAP™ report and coaching session made be realise that I had been unconsciously withdrawing from the company over the last few months. I also came to the conclusions that despite my very best intentions to put a business case forward for implementation of longer term sustainability strategies it was not considered as strategic a priority as other issues.


I have decided to exit the company and pursue my career dreams elsewhere.  I am very excited about the possibilities I will be able to create.

 - Name withheld, Vice-President, Global Multinational Company


“I feel really engaged in my work and career.  In fact I love it and could not imagine doing anything else right now so the iREAP™ profile of “Flying High” was not a real surprise for me. What did surprise me though is the realisation that I am not investing enough time in my family and friends.  Work-life balance and job flexibility were the most dissatisfying work elements for me.


I have made spending time with family and friends a higher priority as well as “me time” – including getting regular exercise a bigger priority.  I certainly do not want to burn out by the time I am 30 like many colleagues in my industry have”.

 - Name withheld, Account Manager, Professional Services Firm


“In the coaching session I really liked that analogy of “Seat Belts On” like having your hands on the car steering wheel with the engine running but not knowing which way to go.  I had been feeling like this in my career for years.  At 52 my career had hit a dull spot and I was certainly not feeling engaged with much at work. 


But my coach really encouraged me to see my career as an opportunity to make a fresh start and do something different entirely. I have decided to enrol in a TAFE qualification in aged-care and going to enter that profession. With the guidance of my coach I have done the research and think there will be a lot of employment opportunities emerging in the future.  And being of “mature-age” will not be a disadvantage to me.

 - Trevor, Electrician, Building Industry


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