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iREAP™ Individual Testimonials


Employees, small business owners, and entrepreneurs tell us how iREAP™ has helped them gain clarity around their motivations and level of engagement.


“The iREAP™ report provided me with the necessary information to have a “real” and “right” conversation with my manager about how I am at work and what is important to me right now.  It set a clear picture as to where I am now and the likelihood of a career change.”

- W. Johnson, Operations Manager, Department of Human Services.


“When I received my iREAP results I was astonished how amazingly accurate the summary was.  The value proposition for me is that the results provide clarity so I can make informed career choices.”

- M Bishop, Learning and Development Futures Specialist, Company name withheld.


“The iREAP™ profile provided a valuable piece of intelligence for me to consider when thinking about career.  The process drew out in a non-emotive way the elements of my job I need to consider changing or addressing rather than ignoring and pushing them to the back of my mind.”

- A. Bishop, Manager, Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water & Environment, Tasmania.


“I found the report(s) summarised my thoughts and feelings in a way that I wouldn’t take time to do – which made me stop and think about the meaning of those thoughts and feelings and whether I needed to take action. Gave me pause to consider actions rather than perhaps allowing my unconscious to propel me along in unhelpful ways. I think it would be useful to do every six months and watch the changes over time. Useful addition to career plan, reminder to keep career planning fresh and not let it languish.”

- J. Marshall, Resource Manager, Associate Network, Mt Eliza Executive Education,    Melbourne Business School


“Talk about thought-provoking, the report has articulated and made clear what were previously only my background thoughts. It has brought these out into the light of day and prompted me right out of my comfort zone! In a good way of course. It’s clear to me I have a decision to make and indeed I will do so over the next little while.”

- Name withheld, Manager, State Government of Victoria.


“I run my own business, so time is tight. So I was happily surprised that completing the iREAP™ questionnaire took much less time than I expected, but what I gained from the experience has been invaluable. iREAP™ reinforced a lot of ideas I vaguely had about what I was doing and where I was heading, but it also provided me with new information, for example, even though I’m a “high flyer” I needed to focus on work/life balance and avoid burn out. Thanks again for the insight!”

- M. Harli, Director, Fat Cake Media.


“I recently completed the iREAP™ profile. It provided me with some different insights into what motivates me in my work, which have been helpful to me in planning for the year ahead as I continue to build my consultancy business. There is real value in completing the iREAP™ profile.”

- Dr R. Hampson, Independent Consultant, Ralph Hampson Consulting


The iREAP certainly increased my self-awareness as well. It helped me think about what career goals I need to work on and the blades gave me focus. It also helped me identify development actions I need to write up and explore further.”

- Viv Burgess, Public Sector Management Office, Department Premier & Cabinet Tasmania


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