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Accredited iREAP™ Coaches


iREAP™ coaches accredited to help organisations reap the rewards of engagement.


To make sure your organisation gets the most out of the iREAP™ employee engagement profile please contact any of the approved and accredited coaches who have specialised in the listed areas below. These coaches have been certified as providing high quality coaching and consulting services to organisations in the use of the iREAP™ profiling system.


(If you would like to read case studies of how coaches help organisations increase engagement and boost retention in organisations then click here.)


Pamela Frost


Pamela FrostPamela is the pioneer who developed the iREAP profile.  People describe Pamela Frost as passionate, resourceful and deeply committed to sustainable results. Pamela is highly entrepreneurial with an organisational development background of over 18 years experience working in senior human resource management roles in the consulting, energy, finance, telecommunications and education sectors.


Her expertise extends to career transition, learning and development, capability enhancement, talent management, performance and change management as well as employee and executive coaching and mentoring.  She has incorporated this experience into the research, development and design of the iREAP profile.  If you are interested in learning more about her story and what motivated her to design the iREAP profile then click here.


Pamela uses the iREAP profile in the following organisational contexts:


  • Design and delivery of career enrichment programs which encourage people to take responsibility for their engagement and make informed and responsible career decisions to stay and grow, move or go
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of graduate development programs and supporting graduate career development and placement planning
  • Identification of retention risk of top talent and development of bespoke talent development programs to sustain engagement
  • Career transition and supporting internal career mobility
  • Supporting people to prepare for annual career conversations with their manager in the performance development and planning process
  • Training in managers in how to have effective performance and career / engagement related conversations


Qualifications include:


  • Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Masters of Human Resources
  • Diploma of Law
  • Bachelor of Economics
  • Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training


Memberships include:


  • Australian Human Resource Institute (AHRI)
  • Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD)
  • Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA)


To contact Pamela for consulting or coaching support then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Sebastian Harvey


Sebastian HarveySebastian is an experienced facilitator and trainer in the areas of leadership, frontline management, performance management, EEO and career development.  He has 20 years experience in a variety of HR Consultant and manager roles in the public and education sectors.


Since 2002 he has on contract to organisations in the public, finance, manufacturing and mining sectors. Sebastian balances his training and facilitation with career transition services and tutoring students in tertiary distance education programs.


Sebastian uses the iREAP system and tools to support his organisational clients to:


  • Support people to take responsibility for their engagement and pro-actively prepare for career development conversations with their manager
  • Increase productivity and performance of those people in career plateau
  • Supporting disengaged people to either re-engage or make a dignified exit
  • Make appropriate career transitions


Qualifications include:


  • Graduate Diploma in Business
  • Bachelor of Arts (Literature and Psychology)
  • Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training


Memberships include:


  • Certified HR Professional (CAHRI)


To contact Sebastian for consulting or coaching support then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Neil Middleton


Neil MiddletonNeil is a highly experienced organisational development consultant with a track record of success from his senior management roles in global multinational corporations.  Neil has extensive experience in executive coaching as well as facilitation of leadership, strategy, change and team-building programs.  Neil works with a flexible style, responding to emerging needs of the individual and group, whilst keeping in mind the desired outcomes and goals.


Neil uses the iREAP system and tools to support his organisational clients to:


  • Create targeted leadership development programs which support leaders to boost their self-awareness and take responsibility for engaging and motivating their followers
  • Address team engagement issues and help teams align their efforts towards the strategic priorities
  • Build on the outcomes of engagement surveys to build commitment at the team level for greater performance, cohesion and commitment towards a shared vision.


Qualifications include:


  • Masters of Science in Management Development and Organisational Change
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Occupational Psychology


To contact Neil for consulting or coaching support then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Lizzie Moyle


LizzieLizzie is an insightful and experienced consultant and coach who specialises in career development and employee engagement and retention. She is committed to empowering individuals to manage and develop their own careers to fully realize their potential and achieve a fulfilling work life. 


Lizzie works with organisations to build their leadership capability around engagement, to ensure organisational systems and processes support engagement, and to identify HR strategies that will make a sustainable difference to the longer-term engagement, retention, performance and productivity of their workforce.


A former labour market analyst, Lizzie has many years experience providing occupation, labour market and employment information to inform workplace management strategy and support employment and return to work programs.  She also has a great depth of knowledge across many industry sectors, gained in previous research roles in the finance and commercial sectors, both in Australia and the UK.  More recently, Lizzie has worked extensively with High Performance Athletes to support them to reach their potential in both sport and life. 


Lizzie has found the iREAP TM an extremely valuable tool to:


  • Support individual employee career development
  • Understand organisation’s engagement profile to inform appropriate human resource interventions
  • Retain and revitalize mature age workers
  • Retain and sustain engagement of top talent
  • Enlighten individual career decision-making for those considering career transition


Qualifications include:


  • Bachelor of Commerce degree (UWA)
  • Graduate Certificate in Career Development (ECU)


Memberships include:


  • Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA)


To contact Lizzie  for consulting or coaching support then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Suzanne Walshe


Suzanne WalsheSuzanne Walshe is a highly qualified and experienced Executive Coach, Career Strategist and Facilitator, specialising in management and leadership development, team strengthening and career development. She brings to her coaching and facilitation a deep understanding and empathy gained through direct experience within complex operating environments, where there are multiple stakeholders, competing priorities and high levels of accountability and risk.


She has assisted individuals and teams from a broad range of backgrounds, industries and professions in both the public and private sector, including Higher Education, State and Local Government, Banking and Finance, Utilities, Telecommunications, Publishing and Manufacturing and the Legal sector.


Suzanne has a flexible and intuitive approach that draws on an extensive range of coaching methodologies and frameworks and career management strategies to assist managers to increase their capacity to be more effective and productive.


Suzanne’s executive coaching programs assist individuals to build on their existing strengths, to overcome personal barriers to success, become more resilient and achieve greater alignment, engagement and fulfillment in their work and to accelerate progress in their career.


Suzanne uses the iREAP profile to support her organisational clients to:


  • become more empowered to manage their careers
  • develop a clear direction, set goals and implement strategies to achieve greater satisfaction in their current role
  • progress within their current organisation
  • transition into a new role


Qualifications include:


  • Master of Business Administration
  • Diploma of Teaching
  • Graduate Diploma Special Education
  • Advanced Facilitation, Groupwork Institute
  • The Art & Science of Coaching Certificate, Erickson College International
  • NLP Practitioner, Living Change
  • Certificate in Professional Coaching, CoachCorp, Melbourne University Private
  • Currently completing Graduate Diploma in Ontological Coaching


Professional Memberships include:


  • International Coach Federation
  • Career Development Association Australia
  • Organisation Development Australia
  • International Association of Facilitators


To contact Suzanne for consulting or coaching support then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



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