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iREAP™ Organisational Testimonials


The iREAP™ profile is currently being used by multi-national corporations, private consulting companies, State and Local governments and SME’s. Our organisational clients tell us what they think about the profile and how it has helped their employees.


“I can certainly see iREAP™ being useful in broader organisational engagement and developmental discussions.”

- K. Doyle, HR Manager CSIRO, Australia.


“This tool is great for reminding those people who love their jobs and feel fully engaged how fortunate they are – I am one of those. But perhaps even more useful in raising the awareness of individuals who are disconnected (people who often simply put up with this disconnect like frogs in slowly increasing hot water and then ‘die’ before they can fix the problem) and as a tool when used across an organization to alert leadership to the potential risks they are facing with disengaged workers.”

- M. Rossiter, former Director Organisational Development, Nyrstar, Switzerland.


“The measurement of engagement is not an exact science. It gets to the heart of the human condition and how people are at work. So it also requires an element of art. This tool provides the science that so many tools do no get close to, and the support through which development planning ensures each individual is walking away with the art of the customised personal development plan. You have hit the sweet spot. Congratulations!”

- K. Birk, Principal at True North Consulting, Toronto, Canada.


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