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The iREAP™ Employee Engagement Profile


What is ‘employee engagement’? 


Employee engagement is the degree to which you, or your employees feel passionate about work, are committed to the organisation, and put effort into daily tasks. 


Which of these employee engagement challenges does your organisation face? 


Do you have people who are…


  • Regarded as ‘top talent’ but at risk of leaving for ‘greener pastures’?
  • High performing but burnt out and exhausted?
  • Stuck, unable to make a decision to stay and grow in their role, move internally, or exit to seek new opportunities?
  • Plateaued in their career, disengaged and not performing at their best?
  • Transitioning into retirement with the risk of losing of valuable organisational knowledge, skills and experience?


The iREAP™ employee engagement and retention system can be used by organisations to achieve any of these business outcomes:


  • Support people to take responsibility for their engagement and pro-actively prepare for career development conversations with their manager
  • Increase productivity and performance of those people in career plateau
  • Retain and revitalise top talent
  • Retain mature age workers
  • Refresh internal career mobility and enable more effective career transitions
  • Develop leaders and create more cohesive and aligned teams
  • Build on the outcomes of engagement surveys to focus in more detail on what is driving engagement at a group or team level
  • Support ‘disengaged’ people to either re-engage or make a dignified exit
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of graduate placements and supporting graduate career development
  • Help people to make informed choices about whether to re-apply for roles in organisational restructures
  • Assist “survivors” post organisational restructures in managing change and rebuild and sustain engagement levels and re-build the workforce.


Is your organisation ready to reap the rewards of peak engagement? 


  • Do you understand the value and importance of employee engagement?
  • Is employee engagement and retention a strategic priority for your organisation?
  • Do you want more than just a “personality type” test to develop your employees?
  • Do you want to provide your managers’ with practical tools and support to have meaningful and purposeful conversations with their staff about engagement that make a valuable difference?
  • Do you want to improve your level of organisational health and well-being?


How engaged are your employees? 


Employee engagement is vital to your organisation’s success – it is the critical “X-factor” that can make or break your business.  Engagement also creates healthy and productive workplaces where people are focused and committed. Our research has shown that motivated and engaged employees will:


  • Create higher customer satisfaction and in turn positively influence organisational performance and productivity.
  • Reduce employee absenteeism and turnover.
  • Contribute to dynamic, productive and happy workplaces.


But the challenge has always been: it’s not enough just to measure employee engagement, WHAT do you DO to actually increase it?


If you want engagement to increase in your organisation then it has to be grounded in each individual taking responsibility for changing his or her attitude and behaviour, with managers providing the critical linchpin to make the differences required.


iREAP™ provides your employees and managers with the tools and structured support to make a sustainable and significant difference to employee engagement and productivity.


The individual Role Engagement Alignment Profile™ (iREAP™) is a unique employee engagement profiling system, which has been developed specifically for improved self-awareness, increased self-responsibility and to enable more effective conversations to take place about employee engagement. (Read about our Research here.)


It has been compared and statistically validated against other leading engagement diagnostic tools in the market


Engage your people and reap the rewards. 


iREAP™ works as a diagnostic profile and employee engagement system designed to assist your people to maintain their motivation and help your organisation reap the rewards of peak engagement. It enables people to gain active career enrichment and helps them to decide if they wish to: ‘Stay and Grow’, ‘Move’, or ‘Go’.


iREAP™ provides a confidential report that identifies for the individual employee:


  • What motivates them?
  • What is fulfilling - or dissatisfying?
  • How well is their current work role aligned to their unique motivations?
  • What is their current level of engagement?
  • How their level of engagement might be sustained or improved?
  • When should they make their next career move?


It is often said that people will join an organisation because of what it does and stands for.  But when they leave, they do so because of their manager.  The manager plays an instrumental role in supporting his / her employees to be more engaged. The iREAP™ reports provide a structured framework for the manager to have coaching conversations with staff about what is required to increase and sustain their engagement level.  Mutually created action plans provide the momentum to stay committed to positive change in the workplace.


The biggest advantage comes when the manager and employee can focus on win-win opportunities that create value for the business and also improve levels of engagement at the same time.  For example, employee’s suggesting innovative ideas for new products that satisfy their motivational needs for more creativity and challenge in their roles and potentially generate new revenue streams for the organisation


Organisational Purpose. 


The purpose of the iREAP™ is to support one or more of the following developmental activities:


  • Career development and planning
  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership development
  • Team-building
  • Pre- or phased-retirement planning
  • Work/life integration


Need more information about how iREAP™ can benefit your organisation? Download the iREAP™ Client Brochure (PDF) or call us on 1300 865 790 or +61 408 608 889 or enquire by email


(NOTE: iREAP™ is not to be used under any circumstances as an input into decisions for recruitment and selection, performance appraisal, salary review, promotion, termination or redundancy.)