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iREAP™ - the piece missing in engagement surveys



Engagement surveys focus on the we.  The iREAP™ focuses on the 'we' as well as the 'me'.  Those 'me' aspects drive 53% of the level of engagement in an organisation.


The iREAP™can serve as an engagement survey when aggregated results are prepared for a team or section. But the downfall with relying on surveys only to address engagement in an organisation is that anonymous surveys enable an individual to avoid responsibility for change.


The iREAP™ indicates the changes that a person can make to enrich their experience of work and improve their engagement levels. If conversations  are not focused on 'me' then any initiatives that come out of focus group sessions which talk about the 'we' are unlikely to lead to lasting and sustainable change at an individual level.


So in effect, iREAP™ in measuring work aspects relating to individual engagement represents a critical missing piece in the engagement puzzle.