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Why choose iREAP™ as your employee engagement profiling system?


  • Well presented, simple but powerful concepts, metaphors and graphics allows for easy-to-understand reports.
  • Virtual and flexible accreditation process which appreciates your expertise..
  • Customisable user-management system to allow messages to clients to be customised and to keep track of respondent data.
  • Fast report generation – receive reports instantly via email.
  • Allows for ‘key-hole surgery’ – expedient identification of issues impacting on engagement at BOTH an individual and organisational level.
  • Delivers more than just the “WHAT” (assessment), but also the “SO WHAT” (developmental focus) for coaching and identification of development actions and strategic priorities.
  • Provides practical tips and resources proven to have the most significant impact on an individual’s engagement level and a framework to actually improve it.

What are the benefits for a manager?

  • More in-depth and meaningful conversations with employees - they feel freer to express ideas that increase how they can work better, develop their careers and also contribute to overall organisational success.
  • Not just another “employee survey tool” – but clear guidance on what is required for managers to retain and re-engage more of their people’s talents, passions and effort.
  • Employees become more self-awareself-motivated and clearer about their career choices.
  • Employees approach their performance reviews much more focused, proactively taking responsibility for career choices and less reliant on their manager to “figure it out for them”.
  • Identification of talent risks


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What are the benefits for a coach/mentor/consultant?


  • More efficient and expedient coaching process – provides you with immediate identification of the most pressing issues and key-hole areas requiring attention.
  • Graphics are simple and beautifully illustrated – content and explanations are written in positive language that clients can easily understand.
  • Powerful self-awareness tool that provides a framework for career enrichment and transition decision-making.
  • Measure of return-on-investment (ROI) at both and individual and group level.
  • Provides credibility for you as a coach to be able to present organisational-wide profiles of engagement levels.
  • Cost-effective accreditation process with Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).
  • Your clients will love the insight and clarity they’ll gain from using iREAP™.


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